The Travel Alternative

Pedal or electric motor assisted, travelling using an eBike is a
great alternative way for you to get from point A to point B with ease
and is an enjoyable riding experience.

Electric. Efficient. Light-weight.

Our eBikes are light-weight on both pedal and electric motor assisted riding, thus providing an enjoyable and convenient commuting experience.    

Skip the sweat

Having a lazy day? Then skip the sweat! Our Hybrid eBikes gives you the option to use the multi-speed electric motor assist, so you can relax and enjoy your ride all the way to your destination.

Quick-easy Fold & Store

Compact and folds in a few seconds. Store anywhere or carry on any form private or public transport. 

Lankeleisi G550

Safety & Durability

696805163069 - Cyrusher G550 Electric Folding Bike 240W 48V 10Ah Full Suspension 20 Inch 7 Speed 5 Setting Smart Computer Mechanical Disc Brake - E Bike 2018
  • Multi-throttle Options

    Choose between three throttle options - Twist throttle or pedal & power assisted, or turn off power & pedal only.

  • Light-weight

    22KG (Including battery)

  • Smart Charger

    Protection from Over-voltage, Over-Current and Short Circuit.

  • Assisted Distance

    60-90 KMS (Pedal & Power Assisted)

  • What is an eBike?

    An electric bike is a regular bike with the addition of  an electrical drive system. This consists of a battery, a motor, a way to integrate the motor’s power into the drivetrain, and a way to control that power.

  • Why choose an eBike?

    The problem is when things like hills, fitness levels, health or even the simple inconvenience of arriving to work sweaty gets in the way of enjoying the ride.

    The electric motor solves that.

  • The eBike is great for commuting

    Not only will they save you cash, they can also free you from the misery of either stalemated traffic or overcrowded trains and buses.

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